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Need help on rear bumper removal

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My car got backed into so I need to replace my rear bumper cover. I searched and couldn't find a breakdown and checked KGIS but couldn't get on there. Anyone have a direct link or can anyone please tell me what steps to take to remove the rear bumper cover? Any info would greatly appreciated!
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No one? :-/
Here is the page from KGIS. Looks like the taillights have to come out to get the top bolts out.

Hope this helps!
any typical rear bumper removal starts with the bumper at quarter panel. inside the liner you'll find a 10 mm or an 8 mm. there might be various liner clips, screws, or push retainers that need to be removed from the liner at the rear bumper. once that is loose move to the bottom of the bumper. You want to do the to last, that way you're not removing clips from the bottom and the bumper falls on your face. normally there will be a couple clips at the bottom. the forte has a couple screw rivets the attach to the rear rebar which is ' inside ' the bumper. after that, removing the tail light is usually necessary and when you pry the bumper away from the quarter retainers, be careful. bumpers will tear and rip.
Are there instructions for the Forte Sedan?
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