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Kia Global Information System (KGIS)

goto and install Adobe Air for free.

-Log back in to Kia Global Information System (KGIS) and go into the shop section, and then pick your model and engine
-Go to Body Electrical System - > Lighting System -> Licence Lamps -> Repair procedures

You should have what you need there.

License Lamp
1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
2. Remove the trunk garnish(A) after loosening the screws (4EA).

3. Remove the license lamp lens(A).

Be careful not to damage fixing clip of license lamp lens
4. Replace the bulb(A).

Installation License Lamp
1. Install the bulb.
2. Install the license lamp lens.
3. Install the trunk garnish.

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You dont need to do all of that...All you need to do is take out all the philips head screw taps that are holding the black carpet to the trunk lid. Then you will see the two bulbs holder that just twist out of their sockets and there are the bulbs...You dont need to unscrew any molding or license plate me i did it myself and if you put them in and they dont work "The bulbs" than they are in wrong haha....just take them out and turn them around.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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