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Need information on a specific part...

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I am the owner of a 2010 Kia Forte SX sedan. It is my 2nd car from Kia in a row (previous was a 2006 Rio5). I was registered on the Rio forums, but this is my first post here (been reading for a while though!!)

I have my car since August 2010, very satisfied so far. However, a few days ago, I quite loaded my trunk with lots of boxes and stuff for kids....when I opened it it broke a small plastic clip.

The clip I'm talking about is what holds the trunk cable and electric connection on the left arm (sorry this is the best I can explain, I'm french speaking!!) of the lid. There are about 3-4 of them securing these cables neatly and I broke the middle one.

I went to my local dealer, they are unable to get this part. I've already make them order 2 different parts (wrong ones). Even went to a Hyundai dealer, no clue there either.

There is a serial number of some sort is 91961-1M010. There is a Hyundai and a Kia logo inside too.

I might just get an universal clip at my local NAPA or Carquest, or even a ziptie. I just would like my car to have these original parts instead of generic stuff.

Anybody has any idea of what part I should order at my local dealer?

here is what it looks like...


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If you can find the part on there, then youl know what its called so you can tell the dealer
Thanks a lot!!

Found it under 2 minutes.....

I just written the part number at the top (OEM part number search). BAM, it gave me this

91961-1M010 CLIP-WIRING price 2.75$

No picture, but at this price it might be the good part for sure. I emailed them to see if they can send it to me since my local dealership couldn't find anything with this part number.

Thanks for the quick replies!

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A zip tie wouldnt do?
ahhh....that is what leads down the path to duct tape, grey primer, and other ad hoc mods :)
ahhh....that is what leads down the path to duct tape, grey primer, and other ad hoc mods :)
Exactly my thoughts. When I was a teenager, I had an old beater full of rivets, zipties and putty.

Now 18 years later, I tend to keep my cars in good shape with OEM parts.


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