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I would be looking at purchasing a forte koup. Or a Kia for that matter, but after comparing this car with the other 2-3 that I have an interest in, I like the forte a lot.

I guess I should have started out with my introduction first. My name is Raul. I live in the D/FW area. Right now I am driving a P.O.S. VW Passat. Bought the car back in '08 and have poured well over $3k in repairs and just this past weekend my catalytic converter is screwed.

So, while browsing the Sunday paper last night I came across the Forte Koup, went online, and researched more about it. Over all I like the vehicle. Stylish and reasonably priced.

I currently have my heart set on that one^.

I'll be visiting the dealership Wednesday evening for a test drive and possible purchase.

Any rebates or incentives you can tell me about? Thanks.

Hope I can become a regular member here and find more folks in the D/FW area to meet up with.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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