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Hi there,

just picked up our new Forte Ex 6speed yesterday.
Thanks to a hit and run our Dodge Caravan was written off by MPI and we were in the situation to buy a new car.
First we were thinking of buying a used one and minivan again but quite fast realized that we could use the opportunity to get a more fuel efficient vehicle and downsize a bit since we don't really need the room of a minivan (which is mostly only perceived anyways...IMHO).
We were thinking of either a Chevy Cruze or Hyundai Elantra and on the way to the dealerships in Winnipeg we stopped by the KIA on a whim...
We were surprised to learn about the Forte and liked it a lot and after comparing and testdriving several different vehicles (Cruze- smaller rear seats and room in general, Elantra- less headroom in the back, Sonata - nice but pricier and a little less headroom in the back as well, Forte - nice Forte5 even roomier but less "trunkspace" for our usual needs) we deceided on the Forte due to its features, price and 0% financing ;)
Best bang for the buck and all of the vehicles got rave reviews so either on would've been good but the Forte suited our needs and wants best. Plus except for the Cruze it was almost impossible to get a manual transmission Hyundai within a shorter period of time.
The only fun part was all the stuff they wanted to upsell and we decline during contractual phase... took longer than wanted and I had to return my rental ;)
Looking forward to enjoy a nice ride for the next years.
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