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New Amp Help

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I'm about to update my sound system on my new Koup, did the same on my Forte Sedan but sold that.. The first thing I'm going to do is Dynamat the doors and the rear speaker enclosures, I hope the Dynamat door kit is enough to do this.
On the sedan I installed a 4 channel power Amp I hooked this up by splicing into the speaker wires, it was a bit messy so i was wondering is there a better way of connecting to the head unit.
Also I was wondering what the stock speakers sound like with a decent power amp installed, I noticed on the Forte Sedan the speakers were rated at 22w.
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well check this response to a post i made about someones sweet looking car and sound system.........
Thanks. I might go down same path and just add an Amp but I will still Dynamat doors as that really made for nice clean punchy base on my Sedan, plus stopped vibrations.
As for connecting into head unit, trying to get a wiring harness here in Australia would be impossible so it looks like I will spice into the cars speaker wires
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