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New Beater

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Hello all,

I have been prowling the board for a while as a guest, doing research and pretty much just checking out how people like their Fortes and what sorts of mods and things they are doing with them and generally how they like them and what problems they are finding with them.

I have been interested in the Koup for more than a year now, and finally pulled the trigger on one to replace my former Beater - a 2003 Cavalier Z24.

My new Beater is a 2010 Kia Forte Koup SX, 6-speed.



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Hey, congrats dude. Nice ride! I'm sure you're gonna love it. They're so much fun. Welcome to the forum and KIA Nation.
New car = beater? Lol idk what the definition of beater is in Canada, but in the states it's usually car ya don't care about and ya abuse...if it's the same meaning, then damn I wish I had that kind of money! Lol
Congrats on the new koup I have the same one but mines a/t w the sport tronic I wanted a stickk soo badd but they didn't have it in the color I wanted. Good luck w ur carr hope enjoy it as much as everyone else is
I call it a Beater because it is essentially an everyday kind of car. I won't actually be driving it on a daily basis, so calling it a DD doesn't really fit. Of course, to call it a Beater is a bit of a joke because I do care about all of my cars, and I will be very upset when it gets its first scratch or rock chip or whatever, so don't fear that it is going to be treated like a piece of junk. That is not the case. But of my cars, this is the one that will be driven to the grocery store, mall, etc, driven in the winter, wherever and whenever I need to go. So to that effect, this is why I call it the Beater.

It definitely is the sweetest Beater I have ever had, and I aim to keep it that way for as long as I can. ;)
Good, glad to hear! Such a nice car, it would be ashame if it got abused. Mines my daily driver....1500 miles in 3 months!! Lol I steal my girls car to run errands! lol enjoy it, fun to drive!
Congrats on the new car. Love the orange man, my 2nd favorite Forte color after white.
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