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New Black EX sedan owner

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Hey Guys! My name is Ryan Heatley, from Knoxville TN. Just picked up a brand new Black EX Sedan this sunday! So far I love it. Good to meet everyone!
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hello and welcome to the forum...

Got any pics
Welcome and congrats on ur new ride!

Nice choice of colour :p
Welcome to the forum. I purchased mine at the end of December. I too purchased the EX Sendan. Congrats.
Hello, welcome too the goup :)
Welcome...Be prepared to wash it allot...My fiance owns a Ebony Black Sedan, and it has to be washed 2x more than my Titanium Sedan. Let me say "I" wash it 2x more!!!
Welcome to the board my fellow sedan owner! Enjoy your stay!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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