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I vote for replacing the vehicle. I don't like the sound of this; the leaks. What else might be wrong?

Besides they might just give it the "fresh air and sunshine treatement" and give it back to you. You don't need the aggravation. I'd be prepared to get downright nasty if need be to get it replaced with a brand new one. Then they can take the one you are swapping and do it properly. A couple of hundred miles isn't going to affect their resale. the only hitch is if the paperwork has been submitted. Has the salesman put a hold on that? If not, I'd call him first thing in the morning and stop it from going in to be registered at which time you will be going round and round while you are waiting for all this sort itself out.

I know they can do this. I once bought a Hyundai Sonata and agonized over the weekend because it didn't have the wheels I wanted, they would have swapped it out for another new one but with 600 miles on the odometer (they had to drive it in from another state). It wasn't a big deal but I wound up keeping the one I had and replacing the wheels with some OEM wheels I found on ebay. But it can be done.
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