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Hows it going everybody? I just purchased my brand new 2010 kia forte koup sx 6speed in corsa blue on the 5th. It had 58 miles on it when I drove it off the lot :) Has everything except for the technology package and so far I love this car and could not beat the price for a fully loaded car. I've been reading the forums and decided to join because I've found some really nice mod ideas on here and can't wait to start!
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Forum rules: new guy buys the first round!!!! :)
haha yea, next time im in staten island or you are in pittsburgh we'll grab a few haha ill buy the first one;)
How about April 30th....there's a car meet in NJ. grey goose and redbull!!! lol
thanks for the welcomes guys..cant wait for the weather to break so I can start doing stuff to her..nothing crazy tho probably just intake, window tint, sound system, maybe HID's...hopefully they will come out with an ecu upgrade or a reflash iffy on an exhaust system..i just got rid of my civic that had an exhaust system that would give you a head ache a mile away haha don't want that again so I will most likely leave the stock exhaust on it
oh and I can't notice a crease on mine, seems like a lot of people with 10's had that issue but mine looks crease free..and no problems with stalling or anything like that, the clutch system works fine in the car
Forum rules: new guy buys the first round!!!! :)
and Must take the "Intoduction to Search Function 101".....;)
and Must take the "Intoduction to Search Function 101".....;)
I'm part of the welcoming commitee!

Welcome to the forum, don't ask about HID's, exhaust, CAI, or your warranty! Thanks, enjoy the forum! Also, if you have a crease in your passenger side door, don't start flipping comes stock with all 2010 koups. And please, if you have a question, feel free to hit the search button because 9 put of 10 times you're question has been asked about a trillion times!!

hahaha thats classic!!!!
welcome & congrats...

Not trying to rub it in your face but ... my car started off crease free too, Not that I'm wishing the crease on you, just keep your eye on, Hopefully you'll stay lucky :)
haha I know how to use a search button, its not my first time using a forum, just the first time on this one :)
Hi Everyone, new here. I am considering buying a 2010 forte . I am wondering what the difference is between a 2010 and 2011 other than 2 door to 4door
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