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new forte sedan/koup grill

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tell me what you guys think Shark Racing might buy it friday
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Looks kinda strange. I would have to see it on a color matched car. The blue and red just doesn't do it for me.

Not so sure that the red accents would work with the copperhead/burnt orange colour. But what do I know, I'm partially colour vision deficient.
Looks good. Would prefer to see on a car prior
I think it would make your ride unique.
(for now :) )
:D I loveee it!! I might get this grill...
Not my cup of tea.. maybe if it was color matched..
Not too bad. Would look good on a black Forte in my opinion.
I gotta agree, would be nice on a red or black forte. Other colors, not so sure.
it reminds me of a Gundam's helmet.
if you decide to get this grill, make sure it fits your car. Not sure if the sedan and koup grills are the same fit.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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