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Just wanted to say hello, and see what people thought about my soon to be purchase. I have got my car on hold, picking it up in 9 days at the dealer next to my new home location (put 2k down to lock in the price in case incentives changed next month).

Moving to Dayton, Ohio area in the US very soon and here is the deal I got.

2010 Kia Forte SX Sedan
Copperhead color
6-speed Manual
Cloth interior (not a fan of leather)
EC Mirror/Homelink
All the standard features
Cargo Tray (I think that's what its called)
Wheel Locks
Mud Guards

That should be everything (they only had 2 manuals in stock and one was black, the other copperhead so I chose to not have black)

I was looking for just a base SX manual but they didn't have one. Final price after tax/title/etc is $17617.63 USD. What do you all think? 16k for the car plus tax/title. I had them down to 15k on a base/no extras SX but they didn't know how soon they would be able to get one for me so they took a little off of all the upgrades to get me the 16k for that one I am getting now. Oh and it has 27 miles on it... hope whoever put those 27 on it didn't beat it up too much.

Once I get to Ohio and get it, will take pics and show it off. Don't think I am going to do much to it right off the bat, but am very excited none the less.
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