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Hey guys/gals. My name is Brodie and I'm just joining because my girlfriend is SUPER obsessed with these cars. She's wanting to buy a Corsa Blue SX Koup with a 6-speed manual, but there are NONE around! We drove 170 miles yesterday to go look at the ONLY one in the state, and probably the only one in 500 miles, and it sold right before we got there. We even told them we were driving all that way to take a look at it. Oh well, we were bummed, but now she's thinking next year she'll just order a new one, or wait till the turbo'd model comes out.

So, sorry I'm not an owner, but after looking at these things up close and taking a test drive in a 5-speed EX 4-door, I'm really diggin these little cars! Sure they're a Kia, but they've upped their game a TON in the past year, so kudos to them!

I guess for now I'll just have to enjoy everyone else's cars here and learn more about them for the time being, until the GF upps and buys one.

BTW, quick the SX that much better "performance-wise" than the EX? Cuz I think when it comes down to it, she might just opt for the EX Koup with the 5-speed and get better mileage.
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