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NEW Grill and Quicklifts installed!

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Just got done installing my new grill. This grill is the one you all probably have seen on eBay but it is usually white with just primer. The seller was really cool and actually had it painted black for me at no extra charge than the white one would have been. I think that's pretty cool, especially from a private seller from Korea. The Quick-lift set I installed a month along with OrangeCrush but haven't got around to posting it till now. So far I have done the following upgrades:
>20% tint all over with windshield strip
>Shark-fin antenna
>Quick-lift kit
>custom grill
>LED white plate lights
>LED Blue interior map and dome lights
>LED under foot-well switched controlled
>New rear and steering wheel emblems
>Overhead console blue dash kit
Let me know what ya'll think!!! Thanks!:cool:


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Very nice! I have been tempted to try a 'solo lift' like the Magentis/Optima, but the dual set up looks sharp.
Looks great. How do u like the quicklift?
Looks really cool !
I love the quick-lift. It makes working under the hood so much easier, instead of having the hood shake if you bump it as was the case with the single dinky rod, the quick lift is solid and it gives a pretty cool affect when you lift it up to reveal your engine, like aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! You know what I mean. I have already had a friend of mine go and try to catch the hood from falling when he saw me let go and didn't know I had the lifts. Pretty hilarious, but I guess you'd have to be there.
How long did it take to install the QuickLifts?
Looks really good!
It took about 10 minutes a car, that's it. It comes with very easy to follow instructions that make the install a breeze. All you have to do is drill 4 small holes, pop in the bracket with 2 rivets and then just snap the bottom connector into the bottom piece that just crews into a hole that is already in the hood compartment from the factory. The first car (mine) took a little longer cause we were following the instructions pretty in-depthly. But after mine, Orange Crush's install was super easy and quick.
Looks great. How do u like the quicklift?
I added them to my sedan and I really like them.

You should have seen the Service and Parts managers run out to see them in aaction when I brought the car in for service, they were very impressed!:D
Ya just watch out for metal shavings from the drilling because they are very sharp as I found out very quickly and painfully... lol... I'm still cleaning blood off my sockets lol.. Nice grill homie!!!
Looks great. Is that the name? Quick-lifts or is that the Redline set? What do you think of the glossy black grill with the EX flat black front pieces? I am going to have the same thing a mix of both and not sure if I will get the flat black glossed or not.
Wow! I love the grill! :D keep it up!!
Thanks all. MFury..... I thought about the same exact thing, but decided to go ahead with it anyway because after I get my fog lights the only pieces that will need painted are the front middle two strips. The fog lights I ordered come with the gloss black covering just like the sx has stock. Its not really that big of a difference but eventually the whole front end will match nice.
i dont like the grill, stock grill looks alot better! IMO, but hey, wanna make a deal on your stock grill? :D the quicklifts!!
Nice ride
where did u find your rear emblems cause i want to get a new one as well
I think you have a mighty fine grille if I say so myself ;)

Probably the nicest looking grille there is for the Forte Koup :cool:
Good job. It looks good. Been wanting to get the lifts as well, but have been holding off. Like the grille too. When I bought the fog lights for my EX I ended up just getting the SX glossy upper and lower grilles.
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