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New Grille on the StormTrooper

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well, with the inspiration from ShatteredStars, i went and purchased the Billet grille from ebay. i myself didnt want the aluminum bars and had them powder coat it the flat black option. just got it in today after roughly 2 weeks and the install took about an hour. it looks so killer!


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To quote you........."IT LOOKS KILLER!!!!!"
Looks f****** good :cool:
Lookin good. Now lets see some artistry in putting the work Koup in that red pin striping across the front of the grill. :)
bahaha im assuming you meant word koup? haha that'd be fun ;) i think ima leave it as is tho
Looks good. Like the black
That looks so good. Did you cut out the original honeycomb?
Looks sick. I've been thinking about doing the same thing for a while now. Better to see real pics of it instead of just thinking about it, thanks.

BTW, love the tennis ball placement, how much HP does that add? ;)
some more pictures. yes i just cut the emblem out. you need the rest of the stock grille for support


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and some more pics. :)


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Came out great! Making me regret getting the aluminum finish...:(
hey where did you order that ? :p *( srry for my english im french )
SS, I think it looks really good the way you have it. It looks real good
i have some question for you, does it fit on forte LX ? and how did you fix it ? i need more details.. thanks
Ummm I'm not sure if the dimensions of the koups top grille and sedans top grille are the same but I know the bottom probably won't fit. If the top grille is the same in both models, I don't see why it wouldn't work.
looks amazing!! what person did you buy your grille from on ebay? and did u have to send them a special email for them to put the black coat on the grille?
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