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New guy from N.Texas

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To be honest, I have no clue what I got myself into. This car is actually my 9th vehicle. I'm coming from a 450HP GTO. I went the Forte route because the gas milage was outstanding, and the sporty look was hard to beat.

Looks like a great community here! Knowing myself this car will go from stock to bagged, or turbo soon. (I swear its a disease, i cant keep my damn hands off of cars).

Quick question:

Are the springs on the Forte progressive or linear? Im going to do some research but i was hoping for a quick answer!

Speed Safe!

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North Texas????? Somewhere around Lubbock????
I bet coming from a 450 horse GTO to the lame-o four banger is a serious letdown, but these engines do have a lot of power for their size.

I believe the springs are linear, but I don't know for sure.
Welcome fellow texas owner! Not too sure about the springs. But I think I'll go with autoitking on that one. There is gonna be a huge meet in texas sometime in june! You should gooooo :D There is gonna be a lot of forte owners there! :)
Welcome to the forums. I'm sure it's a big change from the GTO, but the Forte is an awesome vehicle in its own right.

In any case, at least you've got chicken, right? ;)
Welcome! Looking forward to see what you do to your ride. Do you have the sedan or the Koup?

I don't know what the stock springs are but the Eibach lowering springs and I believe the H&R lowering springs are both progressive from what I've read. If you're going to mod your Forte, you'll most likely end up with one of those springs.
Thanks for the warm welcome, fellas (and ladies)

Im actually 30 minutes north of Dallas.

The Kia holds nothing on the power of my old car, but thats not why i bought it. I needed something with more creature comforts and up to date tech. Im digging the Blue Tooth feature as well, coming from a car with not even an iPod out im smitten.

I actually bought a blue Koup. I definitely plan to add my small touches, but im not sure how far i want to take it!
Didnt want to make a new thread to post two pictures of a stock forte, but this is what im working with!

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Yes please try for the texas meet in june. Its going to be loads of fun. We've a big kia crowed in the DFW area. Also in the end of april we've got a ride to galveston. Several dallas members are going including houston members and some san antonio and austin members. Should be a lot of fun. Pictures at the beach at night and while were cruising. Anyways, warm welcome and nice to have another texas koup owner!
All these DFW Fortes that when i get mine i will look like every car on the road when i move there.... Here i only see Fortes when i drive by the dealer lol

Nice looking car BTW... Cant wait to see what goodies you have in store for it.
Awww, baby pictures before it grows up all tatted and pierced.... err, modded.
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