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New Guy... with questions...

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So, I just bought a 2011 Forte EX Sedan today. Couple of questions...

Tint is being installed tomorrow....

1. Anyone in Socal have SX wheels for sale?....

2. If I decide to install a system, does the Stock head unit have pre-outs for an amplifier... if so, what is the voltage of the preouts?

3. What has your real gas mileage been like?

4. What site did everyone get their "K" emblems from?
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1: Check the for sale forum, I'm fairly certain there is one.
2: No. You have to use the speaker level outputs.
3: About 27MPG average
4: eBay
Welcome to forteforums and congrats on the new ride. I see your username says SoCal so why not jump into the forte community right away with our SoCal Spring Meet and Drive...

Also, I am one of the leaders of the Los Angeles chapter of UKE (United Kia Enthusiasts). A club for all KIA owners. Go ahead and check out our site If you have any questions feel free to PM me either here or on the UKE site. You can also email me at [email protected]. Hope you can make it out this Saturday
^^ thx man... I will check it out...
^^ thx man... I will check it out...
:D Hopefully you can make it to the next meet...look out for pics of the meet this weekend
been pulling 28mpg...was disappointed a bit i was hoping for 32 or so. But anything is better than the 15 i was getting out of my 2003 Mustang GT. not sure about any of the other questions.
18-20 MPG in stop and go traffic back and forth to work, appts, etc. in city traffic. As much as 34 MPG on highway trips.
35 mpg, but I drive 90% highway with almost no traffic (to and from school) no faster than 65 mph.
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