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Hi everyone, just shopping around for cars and since my Dad owns a Kia Spectra, I was looking into Kia's to see what they offer. I wasn't shopping around for cars until a recent accident to where my first car, the sentra, was hit this past Saturday. Still don't even know if it is totaled or not. But onto the pics!

My 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE LE:

Then comes 2:30pm August 14, 2010...when I lost her :(

Was pretty much T-boned by a 70 year old lady in a Toyota Rav4:

Which brings me onto shopping for a new car! Hope to read up on all the information you have on this forum so far!
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Damn man hope everyone was okay after that. Since you are now car shopping, I would highly recommend the forte and to go sportier then go with the koup. Cheap and looks so good and real easy to mod. Good luck
another example of the crumple zones.
i love the fact that cars are being designed to save our lives-
hate the fact that once the car does that- it is pretty well written off....
but then again- heck- we (drivers/passengers) are still allowed to go on with our lives.
The Sentra lookED good but now not so much.
Hope there isn't any bad injuries.

The Forte's are great vehicles! Having said that, Kia now has a pretty awesome line up of well.

Good Luck!
No serious injuries, just muscle pain for both the female driver and I. Taking my time shopping around for a reliable vehicle too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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