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New "Koup" Wheel Center Caps

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Considering ordering a set of these for my Koup. Does anyone know how to remove the KIA center caps without drilling, as this seller suggests?

KIA FORTE KOUP 2010 WHEEL CENTER CAPS : eBay Motors (item 300411177845 end time Apr-24-10 19:28:31 PDT)

The only thing I don't really like about these is the writing around the edge of them. I think it looks good, but they probably could have thought of something better than "The Driving Force".
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I'm pretty sure they just pop out! You may have to remove the wheel in order to "pop" em out without damaging them. If you try and "pry" them out when the wheel is on, you may damage them or even the wheel itself.
Just remove the wheel and push the cap out from behind. Their instructions are so you ca replace them without removing the wheels.
OOH! These look awesome!! I'm so going to order some of these!!
Awesome! I'll be ordering them shortly. Sadly, I probably won't have them by the day of the meetup.
YES!!!!!!! finally one I like. I love you woman. AWSOME find.

BE ordering mine today as well.
YES!!!!!!! finally one I like. I love you woman. AWSOME find.

BE ordering mine today as well.
Aw shucks! :eek:
Are the ex and sx wheel center caps the same size?
I saw these last night when browsing ebay. they look nice and though about ordering a set too.
Nice find! :D
agree - they look nice, but not crazy about the writing in them.. nice find for you koups out there.. if anyone sees replacement caps for a sedan for the 17" let me know.
DAAAAMN!! I'm down for those!!!
Very good find! Placing my order in the next few days.... My wallet seems mighty flat lately...
those are sweet... wonder how long shipping would take on them
I've ordered from that seller before and my stuff got to me (in Maryland) in about 18 days. Not to bad for free shipping across the world.
yeah i guess thats not too bad for free worldwide shipping, but i emailed the seller asking if there was a quick ship option and price for it (im in Toronto), when i get the reply ill let you guys know if your interested.
Should have the words "May the force be with you!" instead. :)
The ad mentions expedited shipping for 25 dollars more plus 3 for insurance and it comes with tracking code.
im glad one of us has a keen eye for the fine print lol thanx:)
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