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New "Koup" Wheel Center Caps

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Considering ordering a set of these for my Koup. Does anyone know how to remove the KIA center caps without drilling, as this seller suggests?

KIA FORTE KOUP 2010 WHEEL CENTER CAPS : eBay Motors (item 300411177845 end time Apr-24-10 19:28:31 PDT)

The only thing I don't really like about these is the writing around the edge of them. I think it looks good, but they probably could have thought of something better than "The Driving Force".
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Yea i already ordered these the same time i ordered my k badges so just waiting for them to arrive but they come all the way from korea so takin a while... but i cant wait.. takin out the silver inserts when i get them aswell... just not sure if im gonna paint the inserts and put them back in... ill either paint them black and have all black or copperhead to match the body not sure yet tho
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