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My name is Paul, from Diode Dynamics, LLC. We are an aftermarket lighting company based in St. Louis, MO. We offer HID Kits, customized LED Kits, and a few other things. We are BBB Accredited, verified, and have won "best sponsor" award on numerous forums.

You may have heard of us, especially if you are a Hyundai owner- we are a sponsor of,,,,,,,,, and, all Hyundai forums, as well as a few other import boards.

We are looking for a test car in the St. Louis area- click here!

Thank you, and hope to help you soon with any lighting customizations! :D

Diode Dynamics Online Catalog

MODERATORS: We are filed and paid with AutoGuide, just awaiting insertion. Please PM with any issues with this post.

Diode Dynamics, LLC
[email protected]

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Any plans on making a Kia Forte/Koup LED conversion kit??
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