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New MOD ..... Turns heads everywhere

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koup= not an off road vehicle lol
I should probably be banned for negligence
You missed a spot
What happened
i hate little specs of dirt on my koup. i cant even imagine THAT haha
Here's what happened,

I was at a friends house, and we decided to go to this one spot to take a picture of the koup. I made it up a huge hill, then parked, once i got back in and tried to turn around, the koup wouldn't move.

so we drive back to a buddys place, grabbed his SUV, and tried to pull the koup out (i keep a tow strap in my trunk). well, after 1 hour of trying to pull it out, the Koup only moved like 5 feet, and the SUV nearly got stuck more than once.

so we decided to call Kia Roadside assitance, since i'm technically covered under warranty ... well turns out you;re not covered if you're more than 30 ft from the road. (i told them i'm stuck in mud and to send a 4x4 truck with a winch) anyways, i decided to pay up 100$ and had the tow truck come up, the guy looked at the hill, looked at the muddy SUV, said, I'm not even gonna try, then put his tow truck in reverse and pulled out. (basically said fuck this) (his truck was 2 wheel drive)

luckily, a neighbor saw the tow truck and he followed it with his side by side atv (rhino), he looked at the car, made a lot of jokes about me, then grabbed his work boots, a case of beer, and music. he came up, hooked up his winch to my tow strap, hooked him self to a tree, and pulled me out in half an hour. (i was in the car having it on reverse the whole time).
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well im sure it was fun and you laughed about it later on lol
I was gonna say, that's either a tow strap or police tape...that latter of which making for a much different story, I'm sure. :p
Hopefully the picture was well worth it.....

Let's see it...
Your story made me think about this video... (skip to 1:20)

Your story made me think about this video... (skip to 1:20)

YouTube - Snow Car Towing
lol that was a good one! :p
woww jerk!!!
i was so happy SOMETHING NEW CAME OUT!!
oh it was fun once i got it out, i laughed the whole way home. (so did everyone driving a truck). all in all, its a good story.

and as for the video, that's hilarious, i watched it long ago but i totally forgot about it. thank god we have 2 tow hooks :D
Are those tow hooks? I thought those were to only be used to secure the car when in transport?
Can I clean it up for you? I love a detailing challenge. Just give me a $20 for the coin-op car wash...LOL
keep it on there it looks lik the Ford F150 Raptor decal....
You are going to cry when you see all of the scratches and dings you are going to have under that mud.
Your story made me think about this video... (skip to 1:20)

YouTube - Snow Car Towing

:D I said stop many many times :p

@noodle I think the car looks better blue
alright guys, took me an hour of power washing, and alot of money but its 95% clean now.

Luckily, there are absolutely no dings or scratches or anything (thank god). I went over the whole car to double check, luckily it had absolutely no damage.

PS: 95% sure they're tow hooks for when you get stuck. not for towing behind another car.
PSS: i offered couple of friends $50 to clean it, no one wanted to :(
PSSS: picture wasn't as good as that priceless picture of the koup.
PSSSS: I'm gonna miss people looking at my car and laughing hysterically, not to mention the awesome jokes.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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