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new muffler+dissuer mod

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Finally got my megan racing muffler installed..videos up soon..and finallyy mod my diffuser so the tip can stick out...its still a lil choppy around the edges but ill prolly just put a trim =)
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@kia and slater-thanks..yaa I actually ordered the trim today..can't wait to put it on x)[email protected] I did remove the diffuser superrr easy 5 screws then it pops off..I would highlyy recommend it bro =)...andd @dojaman-I usedd a rotary tool..tried filing off most the jagged edges but like I said ima put the trim on and will make it look freshhh..
Here's the video of the muffler..sound was kinda choppy and the guy revvin it wasn't doin a very good here it is! And @doja-yaaa that's like 80 dollars not shipped...ii did mine for free..and wwith the trim will look better than factory...look at slaters..he did the same thing and put trim..looks sick..
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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