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new old guy

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just purchased last thursday 2011 forte koup ex koup corsa blue.
enjoying it so far,stereo is awesome!
looking to get konig illusions in the black and blue.
also some sort of spoiler.
debating on whether i want to lower it or not.
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Greetings and welcome, sounds like you have some good ideas so far. Shattered stares had the konig illusions in blue they look great. Check out her pix to see them on a corsa blue koup.
welcome! a lot of great info on here..looks like you have some good ideas already.
thanks all!

does shattered stares have a billet grill on her koup?
if so her koup is my dektop background at this moment.
those wheels are sweet!
welcome sir! you'll find plenty of information on this website
Welcome to the forum. . .And you are not the only old guy hanging around here. I'm getting the Konig Illusions Black with red . The blue looks great though.
Yes shattered is the one with the billet grilles, her car picture is also on ebay showing the billet grilles.
Welcome to kia nation !!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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