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New Pics of 5-Door

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Here's some shots of a blue 5-door resting on a Korean street:

Spied: Kia Forte Hatchback Caught in the Wild - TheCarBlogger: Latest Hyundai News & Kia News
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nice find!
bet the 3 door would look alot better
If you go to and click on future vehicles you can see all sorts of the 5 door pics along with the new Optima (which I am a big fan of)
I'd get a mazda3 sport over this....but it's way better than a hyundai elantra touring (those things are but ugly from the side).
They had a forte commercial on during the phillies / dodgers game and it should the koup, sedan, and 5 door
x2 on the wheels those look cool.

anybody see the pictures of the 2012 rio on the link ? looks like its going to be a much bigger and more sporty car then it was.
Hmmm I wonder what motor there going to run in it v6?
whould be neat if they ran that v8 but I doubt they'll do that lol
I too prefer the mazda3 or even better the gti :D

Have you guys seen the concept vehicles kia has in their website? My favorites are the kee and kue
The Mazda 3 is hiway rated 29 mpg,I think. The Forte should be 35+. Noticable difference along with a much nicer front end appearance,IMO. Though the 3 is OK around Halloween...
bet the 3 door would look alot better
Here ya go..
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Ugh I'm so sick of these cross overs. There are enough cars designed for soccer moms already. I don't know about Canada, but the US is in desperate need of more sporty hatchbacks. The only ones I like right now are the Mazda 3 hatchback, GTI/Golf, and WRX's. I would literally shoot someone in the face for a Ford Focus RS. That car is beautiful.
Wow there is a whole lot of anticipation here for this model (pffft)... and almost nothing to read.

It's an attractive package with hopefully some nice features as Kia has been doing a great job of putting some interesting and inexpensive models together.

Kia is tight lipped, I'm curious as to the pricing schedule posted in the comments from the above link. The PS chop is utterly perfect, Mr. Chin is a brilliant artist.
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