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New Titanium 5-door

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Just got my new titanium silver SX over the weekend. So far I really enjoy the ride.

I travel a lot as part of my job. I rent cars several times per month. I know the rental car counter people well enough to request different cars. This one really stood out compared to all others. I have been lucky enough to have access to a pretty extensive list of test drives and days at a time. It came down to the Kia SX or the Mazda 3 5-door. I liked the Mazda 3 but hated the cramped driver area. I personally can't stand when my right knee or leg is crammed into the center console. It' gets really annoying and uncomfortable on a long ride. The Mazda 3 5-door is totally overstated on exterior style (looks like a 200 MPH car but doesn't live up to the's just okay). This car (for the money, size and class) is roomy, styled appopraitely, and comfortable to drive. I just switched from a newer modle Explorer XLT 4.0 V6 with all the bells and whistles. I really don't feel as though I gave up much other than stopping at the gas station frequently.


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Congratulations on your Forte. I agree with your assessment of the Mazda; I don't miss my '10 Mazdaspeed 3 at all. Sure, the Mazdaspeed had more power, but unless you're driving like your hair is on fire, the 2.4L Kia has plenty of pep. Styling on the Kia is much better than the Mazda. Both the interior and exterior styling on the Kia are much more sophisticated.
Welcome.....the 5's are coming alive!
Thank you.

My wife and I both had SUV's. We were going to trade one for a nice small car to save on gas. We couldn't agree on which one to get. We ended up trading both SUV's for Kia's. She got the Soul and I got the Forte.
Great choices- did you get the leather or tech packages? How is the soul? Did you get good deals?
We didn't get the leather or tech. Our local dealership had to trade with another dealership to get this Forte. They have had them on order but have not been able to get them. I couldn't find one nearby with the options.

Our Soul is the ! 2.0L with with almost all of the options except premium package. We didn't want the funky red interior. The ! model has a nice interior (I like the sand/black but not the houndstooth) and options. We have had it for only 1 week now. It's a really fun little car. We were very surprised at the amount of interior room. She loves it.

We will report back when we get more seat time.
Welcome to the family, the 5-door looks nice, I like that color as well, congrats!
Everybody's lawns are perfect in that neighborhood.
Yes, and the neighbors get upset about our old Honda Accord Coupe parked on the side street. It has 212,000 miles and still ticking. I don't want the oil stains on the clean driveway.
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