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New to me Forte Koup T-GDi

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I'll skip the long story, but I ended up with this beauty from a family member. I had to put a fuel pump in it, now it's good to go!

So far, I'm really enjoying this car! It has some dings, but I may talk to a paintless dent repair place and see if we can fix it up a bit.

Good news is, it only has 52,000 Miles and it runs like new!

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Very nice! Welcome to the forums. Lots of good people with great advice. We like pictures and lots of them!
She's more beat up than she deserves. But still a really nice car.
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Very nice looking Forte! Push button start? Cuz yeah...if needs an immobilizer fob so the #kiatwats aka #kiaboys don't try to steal it.
Yes, push button start.
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Nice. I like our sedan, but those coupes look better. 🙂
You should think about getting a catch can. With that GDI. I found one on Amazon for about $35. Heavy aluminum, plus it is vacuum- tight.
I ordered one from Ali Express. It wasn't a lot cheaper, and it takes longer to get, but I've actually had really good luck with Ali Express for stuff like that. It's the same Chinese stuff you get on Amazon, just a little cheaper. There's a lot of junk, too, but you kinda develop a filter.
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