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New to the Forte family,

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Just bought a new 2010 Forte EX Koup, can some of you experienced owners tell me the good, bad and the ugly about our cars?

Guess this would have been a good question to ask prior to my purchase. I actully went to get the 4-door EX but once I got to the car lot, I just loved the way the Koup looked and went with it.

So far I have 198 miles on it and love the car. The sales guy did not talk much about the warranty info and I read something on here about oil changes, so do we HAVE to get the oil changed at the dealer?

Also, do you HAVE to get every service completed at the dealer?

I dont want to void my warranty you know but I do usually change the oil myself.
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I have had my EX 4 door since Sept. 09 and have had no problems so far. I too love the look of the koup, but wife wanted the 4 door.

I personally suggest taking your car into a dealership atleast until the warranty is up - if you want to change your oil with a specific brand just go buy the oil and the dealer will charge you less.

Others will say otherwise but to me you can always say 'but I always get my car serviced here'
Forte333 brings up a good point, but your best case would be to ask your dealer service manager what would be your best case options. If they wont let you change your own oil and show proof then, I guess your stuck.
That sounds like a good idea. I usually like Mobil 1 synthetics but do any of you have any suggesting for the Koup?
I use amsoil 5w-20 full synthetic and havent had any issues with the dealer. They seem pretty cool about most things. They did complain about the springs and wheels. They said it was cool but would prolly void my strut warranty.
Sounds like Kia is pretty strict on the warranty stuff. I hope my service manager is cool about things. I just really would like to change my own oil instead of having to drive 30 miles and have it done you know.

I noticed that most do not have any body side moulding to help with the door dings, anyone having some put on, any aftermarket stuff out there for this?
Hey, one more question. I cannot figure out how to get the phone numbers to store in the bluetooth system. I have verbally entered numbers and said "store" but they are gone the next time I get in the car. I have also did the name card thing on my cell phone, transferred it to the car and it worked, again until I shut the car off, my numbers were lost. I thought well it will pull the name card off my phone each time I get in, well found out yesterday it does not.

Am I going to have to transfer the numbers each time I get in the car or am I doing something wrong for them to not "store" as the instructions say.

First, Welcome! (im new myself)

As far as the oil changes, my dealer guy said i can get the oil changes done anywhere i want, as long as i have proof. just make sure you/they use 5w-20, not 5w-30 bc it will void our warranty if the place we take it to puts in the wrong oil. (it says it on the cap what to use)
in your car manual/booklet it has the maintenance schedule for your car in order to keep everything good with the warranty. everything usually falls on a 5,000 mile mark (5k, 10k, 15k, etc). the quick maintenance schedule is also printed on the back of the booklet (atleast on mine, dont know if the 2010 book is dif than the 2011).

the only body side molding that i've seen for the car is the thin strips (rubber/plastic, not sure) along the edge of the door line, some members here have it on their cars.

the phone numbers with the bluetooth system load from your cell phone. depending on how many contacts you have on your phone can determine how long it takes them to load. i havent dealt a whole bunch with the bluetooth/hands free feature in the car yet, but i know the first time i hooked up my phone to the car via bluetooth it took a little bit to load my contacts in. (i dont have that many, but over 150 probably)
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Thanks for the info TS. Good to know I can do own oil changes as long as I keep up with it.

On the phone issue, I only have around 20 contacts and I see the car saying "loading" but if I say call, by name, then say the name, all it says is "pardon"

Any ideas what Im doing wrong?
what type of phone are you using to bt connect? bc my iphone4 takes about 30secs to load now (if that) and then my whole 150+ phone book is loaded and i can voice control it & everything.
Hi! Did you say "set up" and then "pair phone?" I forgot and I just turned bluetooth on and it kept telling me "Pardon?" lol
I did initially but do you need to do it every time?
no, you shouldn't have to set it up every time. once the phone is set up with the car you should only have to make sure your phone's bluetooth is on and that the phone sees/connects with the car. if needed, re-name the car's system from FORTE to something else. maybe your phone does not like the name for the car (says something about renaming the car bluetooth name in the booklet) dont know why it says that may change it, but apparently it could..
I will try to rename it and see what happens. I see the screen say downloading phone book but it will not work when I try to use it to make a call.

Cars driving great so far and like the Sirius, anyone know how much it is to continue that after the free 3 months?
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