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I have a 2017 Kia Forte LX. Although it’s not my dream car (Pontiac G8) I decided to make it unique. Not many people in my area mod their Forte
-Wrapped hood(VViViD Matte Black)
-Tinted Head lights(VViViD Dark)
-Red flaps
-Small black spoiler
-OPT7 Aura Lighting Kit for Grille
-K3 Emblem
-KORJO Car Underglow Lights ( Color chasing mode in picture)
-Type S LED lights ( I was not spending almost $300 on stock fog lights that can’t change color. Plus installing would be annoying)
-Muffler Delete
-Spectre Cold Air Intake
-AMR500 Supercharger ( Currently installing) Did a lot of research online and asked many mechanics. The AMR500 is perfect for small engines (1.6-2.3) anything bigger like V6 engines this specific supercharger will not work properly with a large engine.
-Don’t look at my rims lol I had after market Mazda rims (17in) but I had to take them off because the thread pattern was off but a little
Stock rims are 5x114
Mazda rims were 5x114.3

Not Many People Mod Their Kia So It Feels Good To Be A Part Of This Community.

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