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Hello everyone, Im Vic from NY. And the owner of 2010 koup SX blue, and very happy with it. :)


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Welcome to the forums, and congrats on your koup, glad you enjoy it. Hope to see you at a show some time!
Welcome to the site. Car looks great. Any
Plans for it?

Where can i look up for the shows?
Did the emblems. Now im thinking to go with the spoiler and front bumper flares. I have this in mind wht you guys think?

flares KIA CERATO KOUP(Forte koup) FRONT AERO PARTS: eBay Motors (item 290443170003 end time Jul-08-10 02:29:05 PDT)

spoiler Korean Auto Imports
Hmm I'm not actually sure, I guess if you google for new york car shows, there could be a list of the shows around. But a few of the guys on the forum have been trying to find a show for a bunch of the people on the forum to meet up and hang out at, so keep an out for that as well I guess. :)
yeah im going to Hot Import Night is the 7/24 in English town.
Welcome welcome! I'm still waiting for mine to get here from arizona :( (i'm in utah) Today is a week it better be here soon, i'm dying here!
kool i waited 2 weeks for mines they had to get it from seattle
They told me at the dealer I went to that they should be able to get me the car I want within 72 hours. However I dunno how much of that is bull or not.. :p
yeah they told me 24hrs, but the 2nd day they call me tht it was going to be a week or 2 cuz they wasn't any in the eastern area.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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