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Nice pic of my Koup at a recent meet

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A good camera makes a big difference.
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Nice...what rims are those?
Nice...what rims are those?
Yea! I want to copy-cat your rims! :D
I was going to say that they are Audi rims, they suite the car really well, looks great!
Are they 18's?
Yes 18s,I think the 19s would have looked great also.
Hmm, it looks lower for some reason. Maybe it's the shadow off the wheels. Anyway, great shot of your ride!
oooo! now those wheels i like!!
I like the wheels also.. "Thinking about going to pick a part and finding some smashed audi"
i knew they were Audi rims!
Looks sharp...really sharp...Great choice!
^^ Give it to me. Those are super clean looking.
can you give as the rims and tire size

the tire 215 or 225 ?
and what about rims is it 18.5 ????

and please upload more pictures :p
18X8 offset 45 and tires 225x40x18,for more pics go to my album.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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