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So ever since I could afford to buy a car (and sometimes not even) I have owned a Nissan. From the Sentra (dubbed the SexRat <-- Thanks Liz), to two Altimas, also a 4wd Super-Charged Xterra.

It was tough deciding to sway away from the Nissan side of things and switch to the Forte. Well the 100,000 mile warrenty wasn't a tough factor. Nissans are a great ride with stabilty, handling, performance.... but, the stupid intake manifold gasket leaves one pissed.

Anyhow, I had to strip the Altima that I traded in for the Forte of all the goodies that I put in like the remote start/alarm, camera system on the babies carseat, integrated radar detector, the XM, the goofy L.E.D.s all over, you know the toys... so at one time I had both vehicles at the house together. I had to move the Altima from the front of the house to the garage and then almost right after drive the Forte and I don't know if it was just because the seat had been broke in or if it was becuase it was the 8 way or what but, I missed my Altima...

It's been about a month since the swap and it's a keeper I'd say.

Now I'm just looking for the ways to put my special touches on this one.
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