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No Drill/Holes Front License Plate Mount

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Hello all, I have a way of mounting the front license plate with very minimal damage to the car and/or the plate. The idea is rather than screwing the plate/holder into the bumper, you just need to bolt it onto the lower grille using toggle bolts. Now after this, you have the choice of screwing the plate onto the holder (or using the toggle bolt to hold both plate and holder) if it already has holes (or if you don't mind drilling the plate). The other option is using 3M heavy duty double sided mounting tape. Please look at pictures for details:

The center toggle bolt is 3/16"x2". The two outer ones are 1/8"x2". You can buy washers if you would like as to not damage the plate mount, but this is optional. All the materials can be bought at Home Depot for like, $8 lol. Super cheap and easy.

Mount bolted onto grille. I wouldn't worry about blocking airflow, as the top grille is big enough to allow airflow to the radiator.

Mounting tape applied to back of plate where contact would be made with the holder/mount.

Final product. I also bought a universal european plate mount/holder but it does not fit into the space on the lower grille, however, I have not tried double stacking the 2 mounts together to accommodate for the space restriction (Plate<Euro mount<OEM mount<grille) so this could still be an option for those who wants to try. This method is applicable to both Euro and normal US plates. All in all, I'm happy with the results and I hope you will find this helpful. Cheers!
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Thanks! Just found this today. Im doing it to my Koup too :D
Looks good, great solution to the horrible positioning of the standard mount/bracket.
I'm gonna do this too, because right now i have no plate in the front which is kinda illegal...
I would totally do this is my dealer didnt rape the my bumper with holes when they put on the license plate.
Cool idea but this doesn't look like it would work with a regular license plate. The bottom lip protrudes forward and would make anything but a euro plate at an angle.
Yea, It deff. will only fit a Euro Plate. Mine is JUST smaller than the opening. I LOVE the look of mine though, But instead of using tape, I just put two holes in the plate and used the two side screws to bolt it on. Holds firm and looks just as good :D (Too bad the bold landed right on that black 2, but a little sharpie made that sucker disappear ;)

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I did this with the stock mounting that came from the dealer (now I have 3 holes where the dealer mounted)

I used the same bolts the op mentioned but added 1inch spacers on the bottom so the mounting would fit over the bottom lip and put it on an angle.

An added benefit is that the plate hangs just lower than the bumper so now I have a warning system before I hit a curb when Im parking.


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I have 4 1/8th inch washers on each bolt. If you can find thicker/washers, the US spec plates would work.
Thanks for this - just moved to a province requiring a front plate. I used a half inch mount and several washers, then bolts through the plate holes. similar to above. Doesn't look as nice as the euro plate, but nicer than screwing through my bumper...
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