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No "low washer fluid" indicator light?

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Just noticed this the other day, but has anyone else realized that there is no "low washer fluid" warning light with these cars? My wiper fluid stopped working today and after a few mins of a "WTF" moment, I popped the hood to check and sure enough it was dry as a bone.

I think this is the first car I've come across that doesn't warn you when you're washer fluid is low...
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Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Kia in any regard. I just found it funny that they couldn't have spent the extra few cents (or dollars) to put a small sensor in the washer fluid tank. My old 1993 Mazda had it, lol. Not a huge deal, just something I noticed. It might become an issue in the winter when you're driving on a messy highway and suddenly run out of fluid. Guess I'll just have to keep a close eye on it in future years.
I think some of you guys missed the part where I said "I'm not bashing Kia in any regard"...

Wow, some people need to chill. I'm no n00b. I practically rebuilt my old Mazda from the ground up...I know a thing or two about cars and how they work. I'm just pointing out the fact that a 15 year old car had a small light to warn you about washer fluid so you don't run out and go blind on the highway. It's happened before and it's not fun.

I understand it's as easy as popping the hood and checking but I just think it's something they should have least for cars being sold in climates that might need it.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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