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No "low washer fluid" indicator light?

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Just noticed this the other day, but has anyone else realized that there is no "low washer fluid" warning light with these cars? My wiper fluid stopped working today and after a few mins of a "WTF" moment, I popped the hood to check and sure enough it was dry as a bone.

I think this is the first car I've come across that doesn't warn you when you're washer fluid is low...
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Many low-end cars have a low fluid sensor...

I don't know where you're from, but around here, when it snows and the roads get all crappy, you're happy to know you're about to run out of windshield washer... Believe me.

Meh. I've had many cars. Some with it and some w/o it. Most of the time when the light does come on you have maybe 3 washes left. I have always carried a spare bottle in my trunk.
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