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Noob alert: help with exhaust tips!

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I'm definitely doing the mod where I cut a hole in my diffuser and want to add a duAl exhaust tip. The thing I have now is a little less than two inches in diameter and curves towards the ground. Do I have to cut the old tip or remove it or even replace the muffler all together? Also I'm not sure what diameter I want. Someone school me please :confused:
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If you want growl and the slightest response gain get a new muffler. If you just want to add the tip see if it is welded on or screwed on. I never checked mine before chopping the muffler off for the HF muffler.
I only wan to change the tip for now by the current one which is stock was welded on if I remember right is thAt a problem?
Shouldn't be a problem, a few other members have done it.

As far as cutting the tip, you can ask a muffle shop to cut it and weld on a new one, not an issue.
^^ Agreed. As far as diameter, it depends on what look you're going for. If you want nice/subtle quad tips, I'd say 3" (each tip), if you just want two big dual tips, then go larger of course. ;) Good luck and don't forget the pics when it's all done. :)
If its the 4 door stock muffler, then just cut the end before the turn down and you can buy tips that screw on. Simple. But to dual it youll have to have a shop weld the other pipe somewhere, and in that case a new muffler with 2 outlets would be ideal.
Can anyone recommend good tips? Preferably cheap ones as Im on a budget
altairpilot here are a few picks of what I did and a link to where I purchased it. Hope this helps. Takes only a few minutes to line it up.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Audi

Automotive exhaust Exhaust system Muffler Auto part Vehicle

Got it off ebay. Came out pretty good at least until I put the real thing on. Here's the link.
1pc Stainless Steel Car SUV Sedan Tailpipe Double Tube Muffler Exhaust Tip Pipe | eBay

Oh and I used these to cut the plastic. . I work with a lot of sheet medal but your local hardware store should carry them. Stanley 10" 250mm Max Steel/Fatmax metal cutting shears 2-14-563 :: Toolman Yardley, tools ,bahco tools, C.K,stanley tools, estwing,stabila, marshalltown, bosch, knipex, trend, irwin,draper, fluke, monument, kamasa, fisco, silverline, rothenberger, i

Good luck. Post some pics when you are done,
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Thanks for the info, that looks pretty good but I feel like I should go bigger though :cool:
Recently, I have brought Borla 20248 Exhaust Tip which is fine for me.
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