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2021 Forte GT w/GT2, Currant Red, Wagner-Tuning Intercooler, Evilla Exhaust, Takeda S1 Intake
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New to the forums. Hoping to learn something here. Just recently got a 2011 Forte Sedan and I am trying to learn how to deck her out.

Want to slap some HIDs, chrome, on the outside, and maybe some springs to see how it will improve the ride. Loving those Audi LEDs u folks post. Hopefully I can find a decent body kit. Hit me with some suggestions.

Hit her with some chrome, interior lighting, and make the sedan my daughter says, " Pops u just want to pimp her out"

The flip side: I am a total newb when it comes to cars, thats because I got "technified'. Its been years... ie Slapping a Porsche engine in a VW Bug more than 20 years ago.

So I am open to suggestions and willing to learn, cause you only live once and life is short!

So let the Party begin!

Peace out!
If you're really a NOOB you're going to find out these cars ain't like cars 20 years ago...LOL!!! Everything is computer controlled from the radio up! No such thing as swapping engines without some knowledge of computer programming! there's a brake module, an engine module, a body module, and a tranny module...and probably more I forgot to mention...LoL!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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