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I still havent figured my noise out. It appears to be coming from the back of the car, but I have tried lowering/raising the headrests and I have made sure those clips for baby seats are properly closed. It sounds like a vibrating plasticy kind of rattle but for the life of me cant figure it out.
silly idea-
what do you have rolling around in your trunk?

i never realized how little sound protection btwn the inside of the trunk to the inside of the car that there is- until i went to pep boys and bought "make my car shiney stuff- and if you buy 25 dollars worth we will give you a 5 gallon bucket"........
i made hard turn w/that bucket in the trunk- about died- thinking something had broken in the car-
which was followed up by hard braking- which set off a second my god...

i've never driven a car before (even my 78 honda accord hatchback) in which so much noise from the back end got sent right up to the front end.

this is not a car you will ever want to club someone on the head then drive to the desert with......halfway there- when they regain will hear every breath and attempt to escape they make.......

but seriously-
spare tire squeak? spare tire cover squeak?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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