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I've noticed a few oddities in my Forte SX (auto):

  1. I've seen the speedometer cut out a few times. It's like the power flicks off for a quick second - the needle will drop 10-20 mph then go back to where it was. It happens very quickly, and I don't notice it often.
  2. When the HVAC system is on fresh air (not recirc), the fan seems to speed up when you drop under 30mph, and slow down when you go past 40 (seems to be a 'boost' when going slower). I assume this is normal, because it always happens at exactly 30mph/40mph, and only when recirc is off.
  3. When driving in traffic, the car will end up in 4th or 5th gear and seem to shudder/lug on the engine. If I kick it over to manual mode, it doesn't seem to do it nearly as much.

Has anyone else noticed any of these?

Oops, just realized I posted this in the Koup forum. I have a Sedan. Can a mod move this over or something?
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