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Interior Lighting(2010) Savage Kia Parts

i've seen this on 2 different sites-
one lists it as sedan only
other - no mention of sedan only.

what is so different about the interior/electronics- btwn the koup/sedan
that these lights would be only possible to put into a sedan?

they list these at the kia dealership.. for 300.00 for both Koup and 4door
i think the part number is the same for both, but to have kia install this stuff is another 300 dollars, I'd buy the kit and install it myself if it was me:D

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2010 KIA FORTE 4DR INTERIOR LIGHTING KIT SYSTEM OEM : eBay Motors (item 190390696931 end time Jul-19-10 13:24:20 PDT)

same part number- notice a bit more about what it does?

taken from the kia pdf on this

no mention of 2dr/4dr, and no mention of the changing lights.....

beast- i know a lil about wiring- but after having bought my lil SX with 11 or so miles on it before my test drive-and plan on keeping it a long time- not to mention the warrenty and all of that stuff- i'd rather use the factory options that exist.
i just wish kia could make up its mind what this lighting system is supposed to go into and what its supposed to
and i take it- no one here has gotten it so far......

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I understand where you are coming from but if you run the lights directly off the battery I don't think you will end any portion of your warranty. I went to my local dealer about the kit you linked originally and they couldn't even order it in their systems. Give your dealer a call and ask them for the info on it.

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my dealer?
ummm........only reason i went to those guys was cuz they had the car i wanted.

dont know what their service dept is like- but sales- meh.
buying my first new car in 15 years w/o the sales guy having to do no more than get the papers together (to bad they wont just let you go straight to the finance paperwork guy and skip the sales guy)-and me buying my car 2 or 3 days before my sales guy didnt give anything up as far as extras....just a hand shake....meh.

last car i bought 15 years ago- the sales lady walked around the car w/me making sure everything was good....after handing me the keys- she whipped out a camera and took a picture of me w/the birthday cards and xmas cards for almost 10 years from her......too bad she doesnt sell kias.......

the dealers detailers- meh.
heck- after i walked out of sales room to get into my new car after being handed the keys....(and after all the paperwork was supposedly done).- i had to pick bits and pieces of protective tape off the inside and outside of the car- then the car had to go back and get detailed....again... and the whole time- the sales guy is in there trying to help get the stickers and stuff.......and everytime he sees me- he says- yes-remember to rank me 100%

best part about dealer/salesman?

week or so later--
got pounding on doors/windows/walls.......finally wake up to see what the big to do is.....and what do i see? GD my "sales" guy..need to sign some more papers...after he has done pissed my neighbors off knocking on their doors cuz he sees my car....(never mind the fact that i park my car at home and walk up to the local bar to shoot darts) and yes- the sales guy still wanted me to rank him 100%

lol- so i got sidetracked- no i wont go back to my "dealer" to check on the lights.........hahhahaahahah
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