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Hey everyone! The official Tri-State meetup shirts are ready!

please visit Custom T-shirts, T-shirts printing & personalized T-shirts by the UKE !

TRISTATE! PROMO!!! see back! T-shirts | TRISTATE! PROMO!!! see back! Custom t-shirt printing | Wordans Canada

The shirt in the top Left corner is the official shirt for the event.

Be sure to check the shipping options when you order.. our hosts say it takes 5-10 business days for the slow shipping to the US, and 2-5 days for the faster shipping.

You can also create your own swag using the create button!
Hoodies, girlie stuff, panties.. you name it!

In the future there will be contest to create new designs for everyone!

The UKE Directors will be at the event to discuss what the UKE is, and how we can make it grow! See you there!



The Toronto UKE Members will be bringing official UKE vinyl car Stickers to the Event
There will be a limited number of them, and they will be available in two styles:

White UKE Logo with Red Triangle 1.5" x 4" approx
Black UKE Logo with Red Triangle 1.5" x 4" approx

Pending cost of printing stickers, the price will range from $4-8 dollars per pair. This is the standard 5-7 year automotive vinyl.

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