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You can buy a touch up paint pen that has the actual Corsa paint in it (HO is the paint code). I have gotten a few from this website and its a little cheaper than direct from a dealer.

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I would not apply the paint to the car direct from the pen. I would milk out some of the paint into something small (like a shot glass) then apply it with a paint brush that is close to the size of the scratch. You might want to reduce the consistency of the paint with some paint thinner so it will "fall" into the scratch easily. Auto paint doesn't look good without the clear coat so you will likely have to clear coat it once it has had plenty of time to dry. Also apply the clear coat with a brush.

Good luck. I am already dreading the day I find my first noticeable blemish.
San2dee had his car keyed and he used the paint pen from the dealer. It came out pretty good. It covered the scratch. But if I remember correctly it didn't hide the groove.
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