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Ohio Kia meet!

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Hello everyone, my name is Cody and I'm from Ohio. I don't actually drive a Forte but we do own a Rio. I joined here hoping to have people come to the Ohio meet that will be happening this summer/fall. Anyone interested please check out or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
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Turbo UPDATE!!!!! I have installed the high flow cat and cat back exhaust. I read a post about the hangers not matching up and creating a wobble effect and that is true. Also the intermediate pipe clamp and bolt were not sufficient as they would not tighten enough to prevent the exhaust from shifting. But his was irrelevant as I had it welded anyway. The intermediate to the over axel and then the tip to the muffler, I simply bought for 6$ a smaller rubber mount and viola! mint mint mint! sounds great looks awesome and the car halls ass now. I hit 175km/hr ( yes I live in canada! lol ) in 3rd! before shifting and it was still halling the mail! My stage 2 kit is just about ready and I will be driving down to get it! Totally stoked! I cant wait to find some poor unsuspecting mustang or B16 and stomp a big foot sized mud hole in him!
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