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Oil Catch Can On Forte 2.4l 5sp Auto NA

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I was thinking of adding an oil catch can to my car.

I understand this is added to turbo'd cars, was wondering if anyone has any insight in adding them on daily driver-naturally aspirated cars.

After adding my CAI I personally don't like the idea of having engine gas/gunk (blowby) recirculated back into my throttle body. I do understand this is setup by factory and is most likely for fuel economy and emissions.

Pretty much I have two questions:
-Will I hurt my car in any way if I add an oil catch can to my car (aside from wasting my money) will it decrease fuel economy, fail emissions? make my run rich/lean?

-Anyone with experience running an oil catch can on a NA DD car? Any problems or issues? Better cleaner intake and throttle body?


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thats what that filter is. its a inline one way filter
yea it lets air/gasses thru. but it doesnt let liquids/ gunk thru
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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