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Oil Change: Question (Not about validity, about actual process)

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This will be my first time changing the oil on an import and I read the procedure on KiaTechInfo and am curious as to if there is a specific gasket I need to replace the one in the oil drain plug?

Also if anyone knows the oil filter that will accurately fit, advanced says this will, but I'm not sure.

Advance Auto Parts: Oil Filter by K&N - Part HP-1004
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KIA like's to have car owners to replace the lock washers on the drain plug. I don't know where to get them at besides a KIA dealership. Also, that filter "should" fit.

I use a Moble 1 filter, so the code is 104, so the code might cross over to "hp1004" for the K&N :shrug:
Changing the oil on an import is the same as changing it on a domestic. If you're not 100% certain about it though, take it to a mechanic. Nothing sucks more then stripping the threads in an oilpan. It's $40 for an oil change at a garage. Saves a lot of time and clean up.
I buy my oil filters at my dealership -- buy 6 at a time and they cost me less than $5 each. This also establishes a record of filter purchases for warranty issues that might come up. I also pick up some of the aluminum plug seals/washers at the same time. If you hand tighten the plug all the way and then torque it to factory specs you will insure a proper seal and you won't strip it. Just cranking down on a plug is what can cause it to strip...hand tightening insures you haven't cross threaded it too.
Thanks for the help guys.
forgot to need to get a filter socket (Autozone has them)...don't remember the size off hand. You can't get a filter wrench on the filter (there isn't a lot of room around it) -- but the good thing is with a filter socket, a ratchet, and an extension you can get to the filter easily. Just loosen it enough so that you can continue to unscrew it by hand so you don't get oil all over the tools. Then loosen the filter just enough to allow the oil to drain. Then be careful when you finish unscrewing it (after the oil has mostly drained) by holding it vertical as you remove it from the engine -- so you don't spill oil on your hand.

I think the filter wrench is 80MM (~3 1/8").
I'm reasonably certain that that filter will work but I would go with the OEM part or a filter such as Wix which I use. The gasket issue seems to come up frequently but I can't say that I've ever changed one. To be on the safe side it would be best to use a torque wrench although in truth, a short wrench should prevent stripping the threads. Once the vehicle is up providing adequate clearance the process is about 15 minutes including replacing the oil. The filter, thankfully, is almost vertical so there is very little spillage. Additionally, I fill the filter with new oil prior to starting the engine and lubricate the gasket. This shortens the time the filter needs to fill with oil. Be sure that you do not leave a prior gasket on the surface which sometimes happens. The OEM filter has a round type gasket which is less prone to remain in place. It's really a piece of cake.

If you use the factory filter I would suggest getting a proper filter wrench that grips it properly. You may need to get this at the dealer but it would be a one time expenditure and save a lot of grief in the future.
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I got a little oily lol, but nothing too bad this was the easiest oil change I've ever done.
I had the car up on some ramps, didn't jack it up and it was ridiculously easy access to the filter and plug.

Used the K&N Filter and 5w20 NexGen Valvoline (The 50% Recycled stuff) gonna find out how good it is.
How hard was the filter to get to and remove? I don't have the special filter socket ForteSX2.4 was talking about. I only have the normal swivel filter wrench. How much oil did it take?
Save your $$ and get the Mobil filter..its made by the same people as the K&N one your just paying for the name and the nut at the end... Also Bosch Filters are great and The OEM filter is pretty much the best..Hell I ran the kia filter on my twin turbo 3000GT for years because I liked there quality
@gtman it was really easy to get to while using the car ramps, not sure about when jacking it up. The 2.0L engine calls for 4.1qts the 2.4 is 4.5 I believe, its in the owners manual.

@Chester I get my filters for pretty cheap from a friend of mine so I generally just take whatever he brings me lol.
Did you need the special wrench though? On my Hyundai I could just reach up an loosen by hand. :)
I always use strap wrenches if there is so much grime I can't get a grip. usually though if you lube the gasket when putting it on you won't have an issue.
If you cut open mobil 1 or a K&N filter you'll find cardboard inside.. If you really want the best filter you need to get a Purolator Pure One filter. They are only about $6 and are truly the best filter on the market and are 99.9% effective in trapping contaminants.. I do this for a living people, trust me I know whats crap and whats not and with those overpriced filters thats all your payin for is a name. Part number is PL14459 and its Gold in color and the entire filter is a grip..
Filter wise, I still think the Hyundai OEM filters used in the KIA are excellent.
^^Agreed they are very good
How hard was the filter to get to and remove? I don't have the special filter socket ForteSX2.4 was talking about. I only have the normal swivel filter wrench. How much oil did it take?
Whether you use the factory filter or other brand filter, if you have the right sized filter wrench that fits over the end of the filter it is extremely easy to to remove. You can then reach up and easily grasp it by your hand (you'll get a little oil on you but it will clean up easily enough), and take it off. It's probably the easiest oil change you will ever have to do. Just use an extension to fit on the filter wrench and a racheting wrench and it is no job at all even for one who has never done this before. I don't recommend the strap type wrenches for a number of reasons. Just invest in the proper sized end wrench.

If every drop of oil is drained out you'll need almost 5.0 quarts of oil. If you don't, then about 4.8 quarts. When I got my Sonata up on ramps which used the exact same engine it took the full 5.0 quarts. When I changed the oil in my Forte, I was unable to use the metal ramps and had to resort to jacking up one side and that time it used 4.8 quarts so a small amount of left in the engine. But it is insignificant and of no consequence.
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Ok so it looks like I'll need to buy a cap type wrench. Thanks.
I used one of the filter tools, I had one sitting in my garage, it was on too tight for me to just take off by hand.
Ok so it looks like I'll need to buy a cap type wrench. Thanks.
Strap wrenches work fine. Mule is just a debbie downer hater of everything.
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