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OK.....I've had it with the squeaky seat....!!!

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If any of you out there have already wrestled with the "squeaky passenger seat" could you help me narrow down exactly where it is....Is it the upright seatback where it attaches to the seat...??? The track itself...???

I've practically taken the seat out of the floor, retorqued the bolts, put thin rubber washers on them and depending on where the seat is on the track it still squeaks...!!!

I know I can blast the radio...but that's not the point.....

I love going to the dealer and having the tech say....
"gee, I don't hear nutthin'...!!! Then I see he came to work in rusted out '85 Corolla......:rolleyes:

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Mine does it too but I haven't been able to isolate it. It almost sounds like an old beds springs squeaking. Do we have springs in the actual seat or is it just stuffed with something to give it padding.
Could be the springs in the slide assembly. Try wrapping them with something to see if it goes away and then take care of the problem in a more permanent way.

A way to isolate the sound would be to have someone drive while you sat in the back poking around under the seat.

The seat springs are the flat type, running horizontal or vertical, anything is possible, but they really don't move that much. I'm wondering about the actual joint where the seatback joins the seat.....and the only thing you could do there is to try to get some WD-40 or dry lubricant to work in there. Those joints are usually riveted. The problem is you have to dismantel a bit of upholstery to get at it. Unless you keep extra "hogrings" and have a "hognose pliers" laying around, this gets tricky....especially with the leather. :confused:
The slide assembly has springs in it. When you pull up on the bar to slide the seat the springs pull is back down to engage in the slots. There are a few springs under there.
hey guys.. i think i know what the noise is.. and it may just be on mine but with my ride its not the springs or anything mechanically with the seat but when the leather touches the center console when i sit it makes that nasty noise... now if you guys are having this problem wit the ex's then im not sure but i know that when i lean forward off the backrest i eliminate the rubbing sound in my koup
i cant speak for the OP but i have an ex so i dont have leather seats
Guys, this was something that people complained about months ago and it seems like the fix from the dealer has been to replace the seat rails. Here's another tread on it:

That being said, my passenger seat squeaks like a M-Fer when someone is sitting in it. I need to take it to the dealer and get the seat rails replaced.

Hope this helps. :)
i have one that comes and goes, located RIGHT where the seatbelt attaches to... next time it starts squeaking, play around with the seatbelt buckle
i have one that comes and goes, located RIGHT where the seatbelt attaches to... next time it starts squeaking, play around with the seatbelt buckle
I agree 100%...I've had the creaky squeaky drivers seat and I played with the buckle and it went away...Maybe some white lithium grease or something sprayed by the bolt for where the buckle bolts to the rail will solve the problem?
I have the same issue with the passenger seat squeak, I isolated it to the rail and had the dealer replacement done. Now there is a new one were the belt buckle attaches and it is just as loud, so glad this is a lease car.
Then I see he came to work in rusted out '85 Corolla......:rolleyes:
Did he happen to drift the Corolla? Can't you just put wd-40 on tha rail?
Unlike everyone here, my passenger seat makes those damn squeaks when no one's sitting on it !!! Need to have a chick on my side everytime I drive it :)
My drivers seat on my '11 koup squeeks like crazy..i thought it might be the springs or maybe the seat is rubbing against the center console etc...i brought it in and the service guy says its the actual track and it needs to be they ordered parts and i have to go back to get them installed..i an still a little skeptical that it might be something else..but i will give them the benefit of the doubt and let them install the track and see how it goes...
I have the same problem on the drives side seat.
Me as well, its like nails on a chalk board!!
mine also squeaks however I located my squeak at the base of the seatbelt harness...if you just rotate the belt harness forward the squeak goes away. Worked for me at least :D
My drivers seat was squeaky as hell and I took it to the dealer. They said it needed a new seat track and I was skeptical too but it fixed it perfectly. All quiet now.
I finally did win the battle.....!!!

I finally did beat and defeat the seat squeak battle in my sedan and my son's koup.

Remove seat, not hard at wire harness has a pull clip connector that can drive you nuts to remove.

Place on back on mat or rug.

The rails can be worked sliding up and down individually...

This seemed to be the problem grease....

Get 1 can Liquid wrench dry lube.....1 can spray lithium grease/teflon....

Go to down on each rail.....both of them back and forth like crazy...lots of grease/lube will drip out on the rug...keep off the seat/leather....

Wait a it again......

Wipe up...clean up...replace seat....

No more noise....passenger seat especially....

Driver's side wil be quiet , but has one more potential spot for a creak. The height lever that raises and lowers the seat vertically seems to work on a hand pump times I'll hear a slight creak from this part, however, if I pump it up or down once or twice it stops....and for quite a while. It may depend on how high you have the seat set....don't really know.

Go get'um.....Good Luck.....:D
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