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My car is quiet quiet on the highway and driving in snow, (except for my ridiculously loud snow tires, i mean they are as loud as my friends mudding tires). The only time when my koup is loud in the snow is when

1. Backing up in the snow (sounds kinda as if you have light brake pressure on a mercedes or an audi, it feels as if there's something on the brakes)

2. Turning extremely slow in a parking spot, same sound as above, as if there is light brake pressure

3. slamming on brakes and ABS kicking in (sounds as if you lost your tires and your car is grinding on the chassis).

but they're all normal sounds, i am impressed on how my Koup acts in the snow (off course with the help of my blizzak tires which are amazingly grippy and loud). Only recommendation is no TCS at lights.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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