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Opinion(s) appreciated

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I have finally narrowed down, what I think are the 3 choices that best fit my Titanium Sedan...

Special thanks to Soul_Marc for the Photoshops!!!!!!!!

1) Konig Unknown

2) Motegi MR116

3) TSW Vortex

I think all 3 look great....I really wasn't thinking the MR116 would look good w/ the black matte but there is actually something about it that has caught my eye. I will go with a 18" regardless so any opinions are appreciated.

BTW SubtleStyle, I know you have this rim which is why I am really diggin it. Seeing it on your Ti made me appreciate it so much more. If I decide to go with this, I promise not to go within 200 miles of your Koup. :D


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2 or 3. If I were going to get wheels they'd def be the Vortex. I've wanted them for this car since i got it.
Yes, The vortex is a very nice looking wheel...The photoshop, which is a great rendering doesn't do it justice as seeing it in person does....

I just noticed that Soul_Marc tinted the front windshield completely...That's sooo illegal Marc! haha.....
I think its a close call between the Konig unknown
and those TSW
But I think I like the Konig's next to the color of your car etc..
Just seems to work together well.
Tsw are the best looking, solid black has been done to death and the konig are to narrow in my opinion.
I was considering getting these for a while! They look pretty good IMO. I found some though that blow these out of the water! I'm not sharing though! ;)
no. 3 for me
i like 2 the best, then 3
Which one is the lightest? A heavier wheel will affect handling. If its just for asthetics, i vote for #3
#2 4sure but...
Volks te37's and Tenzo's Type M are my choices for the Forte
The Tenzo's aren't bad but I checked out some Volks and really didn't care for any of them....Will probably go with the Motegi MR116 but I've never went with anything that dark on a wheel so it's hard for me to wrap my head around that still...I really like the Vortex but to me it almost looks like a stock wheel w/ the exception I'll be going with 18's...
Well I am pretty biased towards number two. :)

They look good but sometimes, just sometimes, I feel like the red lip isn't a good match with the titanium body color and consider painting it something else. I always change my mind and switch things up so we'll see what I do in the future.

Anyway, number two is a good look and I'm diggin' number three.
Subtle......I felt the same way when I was looking until I saw them on yours, honestly. They do look really good with the contrast of the titanium and red accents you have on the grille. Have you ever thought about having the black matte of the motegi painted titanium and leaving the red lip? I been looking for anything in that style, even a gunmetal with a red lip and have found nothing. I think that would be hott!

Did you see my red Kia badges? Maybe if you swapped to those and swapped for a set of Sedan lights it would pull it all together.

My concern about these wheels and looking at your car is that being a Koup yours looks a little more sleek. If I put them on my sedan am I going to get the same effect. That's the question!!!!
I have the Koup badges that have a little bit of red in them that match the grille pinstriping nicely. I'd love to switch out my headlights with a sedan but don't know anyone in my area on this forum that's willing to do it yet. I see tons of sedans but don't really want to just approach one of them and say, "Hey give me your headlights." :rolleyes:

Anyway, you're right, it's hard to say if you'll really like it until it's on the car and by then you've already dropped a grand or more. Sometimes you just gotta take a chance, good luck!
If I went with the TSW Vortex, which is still possible, that would make me think twice about a few things such as keeping the grille I have but changing out my sedan headlights...If that were to happen I'd swap with you but me being in Ohio and you Oregon we would have to do a overnight thing....I just don't know what I want to do yet....
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