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hmm, I wonder if this really fits on are cars.. almost spelled car kar lol
anyway I'd kind of miss the buttons on my wheel..

But this wheel is a suprise if it does fit, a true shock
Great if you want to build a true track car, next need a roll bar
it caught my eye its different ive one seen one car with this but its an older car and u got a point there...i would miss the buttons too lol
You would be losing the air bag and you would need to determine how to turn the air bag light off. Also, what exactly is the point of this in a car that's easy to get into with the standard wheel?
hmm, I wonder if this really fits on are cars.. almost spelled car kar lol...........

hahahah- but you did spell 'our' 'are'.......;)

blk sx koups rule- all others drool! lol
I don't know much about the whole air bag/warranty thing, aswell the light for it, and i'm assuming there goes the bluetooth calling option and cruise control???
I'd like a near stock steering wheel, just high quality leather. The steering wheel in the non leather models anyhow is crappy. I also would not want to lose all my little buttons.
Find an upholsterer to strip the existing material and add some nice leather.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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