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Owners and Buyers: Color of Choice

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What is everyones Forte color of choice???

My sedan is red. Nicest red I think I have ever seen on a car.
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Yea that red is nice. But I had a red Rio5 last year so I decided to go for Corsa Blue. Both colors are sweet!
I personally like the Metal Bronze :D
Interesting - i have been stuck between deciding on the red and the corsa blue...... not sure which to pick :(

Does anyone have side-by-side pics?

I'm sure there are a lot of owners like me trying to decide!!
Pick blue...the less with red, the more rare mine is :D:D Then again, I'm spicy red - the koup is offered in a racing red and spicy red. I much prefer the spicy
That’s an interesting question.

On the Forte Sedan, the Dark Cherry and Copperhead colors are only available in the US and the Smokey Grey is not listed as available in the US.
Some of the other colors look the same but have different names.

Canadian / US
Black Orchid / Ebony Black
Pure White / Clear White
Radiant Red (Metallic) / Spicy Red
Electric Blue (Metallic) / Corsa Blue
Sterling (Metallic) / Bright Silver
Titanium (Metallic) / Titanium
Bronze (Metallic) Bronze
Smokey Grey (Metallic) / n/a
n/a / Dark Cherry
n/a / Copperhead

Also, while all the colors in Canada are available on all trim levels, in the US, some colors are only available to certain trim levels. Eg: Copperhead is only available on the SX and you won’t find a white SX in the US.

The interior colors/materials are different again. In Canada, all Forte Sedans come with Black Cloth interiors unless you get an SX which comes standard with Black Leather. In fact the only way to get leather is to get an SX. However, the Canadian SX also comes standard with the Sunroof, it’s not an option

The only option available on the Canadian SX is the 5 speed Automatic over the 6 speed manual everything else is standard, right down to the Automatic Climate Control which I understand isn’t available at all in the US.

We don’t have the EX Fuel Economy package in Canada either.

And it’s all different again for the Koup!

Kia Cars, SUV, Minivans, & Future Vehicles - Kia Motors America American Website

Kia Canada Canadain Website

PS. My Electric Blue Metallic SX Sedan is supposed to arrive next week!
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I have the burnt orange (copperhead). I liked the black, but I found that it didnt show off all the lines on it.
I like the red, but my wife likes the dark cherry better. We went with the dark cherry. We both like the coffee interior, which you can't get with the brighter red.
I think my choice would be Ebony Black. I love a highly polished black car.
There is no doubt that Kia has offered a ton of different color choices. I'm surprised to see such the variance between the US and Canada though. Why not just keep it standard across both countries?
My first choice was Bronze, but they did not have manual EX they could get to me in any reasonable amount of time, so I went for a white and was able to bargain a bit more because they had it on the lot. I love the white also, so I don't feel like I got screwed!
Corsa Blue here. Was love at first site. Copperhead was a close 2nd.
I was able to confirm today that the Canadain Electric Blue Metallic and US Corsa Blue are the same and have the same paint code - HO.
Copperhead here!
I'm getting the copperhead metallic! I think it's the same as burnt orange. I really liked the racing red, but I couldn't commit, too many red cars where I live and the spicy(I really liked) wasn't available. Have any of you seen a green version? I saw a small photo of one used in someone's review.

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I have never seen that green, looks pretty nice. Wonder if it was maybe a concept color or a color that got dropped?? Nothing on the KIA website about it.
HELP--- OK what do you think???

What i would like to get is the Koup SX 2.4 Auto trans, copperhead/burnt orange color the black and silver wheels i call em(black stars) black rear spoiler and black pen striping..Oh ? on spoiler and stripes. Matt black or gloss black...Something like this ..
i don't know how the black spoiler would look with the rest of the car orange. I thought of the same thing for mine. nice spoiler though. i think a black spoiler would be sweet if the roof and hood were black as well. just me.
have you found any stripe kits that would be good?
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